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The Hollywood Model Agency is more than a model agency, we represent a vast array of talented individuals from a multitude of artistic backgrounds
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Through our Hollywood partnership programme, we offer dual representation on the following websites at reduced rates


Hollywood Talent Agency

Is home to an abundance of voice actors, writers, directors, producers, musicians, dancers, actors, actresses and much much more.


Hollywood Movie Extras

A place of discovery, full of the best that Hollywood has to offer. The first step in many aspiring actors’ and actresses’ journey to the silver screen.


Hollywood Movie Props

Own a piece of cinematic history, where nostalgia & fans collide. From those who showcase their private collection, to sale listings, live auctions & props for hire.



Through our international affiliates programme, we collaborate with other major international model agencies from across the world to discover and produce the best talent. Only the agency logos displayed below have the exclusive right to scout models/talent on behalf of the Hollywood Model Agency in their respective regions/countries/nations

I.M.A and I.T.A

The Hollywood Model Agency is a registered member of the International Model Association and the International Talent Association, whose purpose is to discover talent across the world and regulate equality by decentralizing the modelling industry and providing talent with the opportunity to be discovered, regardless of what country they live in and without having to pay expensive travel fees across long distances for auditions and interviews. The I.M.A and the I.T.A also ensure that registered members provide dual/multi representation between major international management platforms, giving aspiring models a never before seen global bridge across countries, borders and language barriers, to maximise their odds of being discovered by clients and casting agents from around the world.